FabRoc™ heating technology is a unique, 21st century fabric which produces heat when low voltage is supplied. This allows you to enjoy a product like our VersaRelief Personal Heating and Cooling System while on the bike, while on a walk or right from your living room recliner! 

Uniform distribution and dissipation of heat allows the heating element to be located in close proximity to the heated area in order to maximize warmth/heat production/output and minimize response time and energy loss.

FabRoc™, which is only 0.8mm thick, is loaded with specially blended conductive particles, which enhance its conductivity properties but allows it to be custom cut to any size and formed into almost any shape.

As shown below, FabRoc™ exhibits a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) which allows the panel to level off at preset temperatures, creating uniform heating surfaces and eliminating hot spots, thermal runaway and the like.


PTC means that as the temperature of the FabRoc™ heat technology increases, its electrical resistance also increases in a non-linear fashion. Once the material reaches the desired temperature, it self-regulates by drawing less electrical current until power is again required.

How do the heating components work?

When the heating element is at room ambient temperature, numerous conductive “chains” exist within the material. When voltage is applied, current flows through the element, causing a rise in heat. Once the heat rises, it creates a small expansion, causing the conductive particles to move apart from each other. As the resistance of the element increases, the material conducts less current and the panel temperature is regulated.


Key Features

FabRoc™ is virtually indestructible. This rubber-like structure is flexible enough to be configured into almost any shape. Freezing temperatures have no effect on the flexibility of FabRoc™ making it ideal for heated clothing and suitable for a broad range of other commercial applications.


Flexible FabRoc™ Heat Technology exhibited in a waterproof bonding film and neoprene enclosure.

Unlike wire-based or carbon fiber heating systems, FabRoc™ continues to operate even if it is slit or torn, with NO POSSIBILITY OF SHORT CIRCUITING. Operating from low voltage means that FabRoc™ heating systems can be powered by rechargeable batteries. The weight of these battery packs (no heavier than a typical Smart Phone) makes the heating system ideal for portable use.

FabRoc™ is:

  • Safe (due to the PTC properties and cannot overheat)
  • Inert (resistant to most chemicals making it ideal for use in extreme environments)
  • Efficient (converting over 99% of electrical energy into heat)
  • Lightweight (yielding virtually unlimited applications)
  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Crushproof and Stretchable (with up to 200% elongation before rupture)