How long will the VersaRelief Wrap stay heated before the portable power packs (batteries) need to be recharged?

Typically, the VersaRelief power packs will maintain their charge for 3-8 hours. When depleted, the typical recharging time for most Power Packs is 3 hours. The Power Pack has no “memory” and does not need to be fully discharged before recharging. Our multi-level internally controlled or remote-controlled batteries will last longer on lower heat/power settings.

How long will the Versa-Ice pack stay cold?

The extended life Versa-Ice pack should remain cold for approximately 3-hours under normal conditions.

Is the VersaRelief Wrap safe?

Absolutely! Utililzing the FabRoc™ technology as its heat source, the VersaRelief Wrap is safe because it conducts heat uniformly throughout the fabric and does not use wires which can short circuit or overheat.

How does the VersaRelief Wrap heat without wires?

Most heating pads have historically used heated wires to create and distribute heat throughout the product. Safety concerns, comfort concerns and reliability issues have plagued these wiring systems throughout the years. A unique formulation has been created by FabRocTM and used exclusively for the VersaRelief Wrap in order to provide uniform distribution of heat where you need it most with no risk of hot spots, short circuiting, etc. (when used normally and as directed).

What is FabRoc™ made of?

FabRoc™ is made of a specially blended, unique polymer-based material which is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, crushproof and stretchable. The combination of the specific ingredients, how they’re mixed and the manner in which the product is made has been perfected for over 30 years, making FabRoc™ both a new and proven technology.

What are the advantages of using FabRoc™ Heat Technology in the VersaRelief Wrap?
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Uniformly heats a large area without the risk of hot spots
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Well-built and crush proof
  • Converts 99% of electrical energy into heat
  • Cannot overheat in normal use
  • Resistant to most chemicals and to aging, weathering and ozone/uv exposure
  • Not impacted by temperatures ranging from -58f to over 500f
  • Waterproof, crushproof and stretchable (up to 200% elongation before rupture)
Can I wash the VersaRelief Wrap?

Yes. The battery used to heat the VersaRelief Wrap can be easily removed, allowing the Wrap to be washed. Please be sure to following the specific washing instructions for the VersaRelief Wrap as outlined in the User Instructions provided with each item.

Why isn't my VersaRelief Wrap getting hot?

The VersaRelief Wrap will not get hot to the touch. What makes the VersaRelief Wrap unique is the use of Far Infrared technology that penetrates the skin and benefits the muscle, bone and tissue.